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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

In today's age of music, Artist are more equipped with a wide variety of talents. Rather it is Fashion design, Engineering, Business Accolades, or Directing movies. It seems as if your relevance plays on the more things you have your hands on. At the early stages in hip hop There was a new type of hybrid artist, The Producer/Rapper. From the notable likes of Dr.dre, Pete Rock,Pharrell, Kanye west, Q tip, Puff Daddy, The alchamist,J Dilla . Production was there foundation with lyrics simple being a cherry on top. These artist created another source of recognition and revenue, do to the fact that they could simple producer a number 1 hit for another rapper then make another number 1 single on their own terms. Being this type of hybrid artist has resonated in todays music scene with Acts Like Mac Miller (RIP) ,Chief keef, Big K.R.I.T, Pierre Bourne, Nav, Soulja Boy, Russ, Travis Scott, Tyler the creator and J cole. These artist have all benefited from being a hybrid artist. Never box yourself There are no limits to art, You can love art and be a scientist.

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