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Lets talk about classics

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

What makes an Album A classic?

Is it the production? is it the lyrics? Is it orginality?

From the beginning of Hip hop music has changed along with the times it is released. 1984 A New York collective Named RUN DMC released their studio debut album RUN-D.M.C, Due to the Funky Production and a aggressive rap style this album was considered to be Monumental in the 1980's. A Classic Must represent the perspective time at which it is released.

From the time span of 1984-1994 there were a number of emerging hip hop artist, mainly from New York and California. However a year later (1995) A melodized Cleveland rap group released their debut album E.1999 Eternal. Compared to the Highly respected albums that came out before Bone thugs n Harmony debut. There where no albums close to the Sonic sounds on this debut album. With no outside features the Album reached number 1 in the country. This album is considered a classic from its respective influence and originality.

Production was an exclusive Bonus for Kanye west in the early stages of his Music career, The production of His debut album Channeled Sped up Soul samples in to hip hop classics. Kanye west's Lyrics took his Debut album to new intellectual limits. In 2004 The emerging Chicago producer. released his cultivating debut Rap album "The College Dropout." the Lyrics painted the picture of a young black man stuck between the up's and down's of the 21st century. The Lyrics were very relatable to most people. "The College Dropout" Won Best Rap Album at the 2005 Grammy's. Lyrics are a crucial part to making a album a classic, Fans want to hear music that represents them.

Over the years The term classic has been misused. Some argue that a album cannot be considered a classic until at least 3 years after its releases date. A classic album must survive the test of time. from albums like Jay Z's Reasonble doubt to OutKast's "The Speakerboxxx/The Love Below", Lil Wayne's The carter 3, Kendrick Lamar's debut "Good Kid Mad City"....These albums survived the test of time. Something that is essential to celitifying an Album a classic. Rather it is the time the album is released, The lyrics or The production. a classic album must be playable Years after its release.

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